We continue to receive some of the same questions from our visitors coming to Barcelona. Hopefully, the below Frequently Asked Questions section will assist you regarding information about your visit.  If you feel your question has not been answered below, please send us an e-mail at  palacruceros@es.costa.it and we will respond within 48 hours.

Q: Is there a place to rent a car for the day in Barcelona?

A: The closest offices to rent a car are in the airport or in Sants train station.

Q: Where can I get my passport stamped?

A: If  you are entering the Schengen area, immigration officials will stamp your passport upon arrival, but only if you are disembarking in Barcelona. If you are entering the Schengen area though an airport make sure you get a stamp from the immigration department.

Q: Where can I obtain maps and additional tourist information?

A: There is a counter of the Tourism Board of Barcelona at the exit of the terminal offering information of the city and its activities.

Q: How much does it cost for a taxi to the different points of interest in Barcelona?

A: Please refer to the section titled Transportation Information on the Terminal Information page of this web site. Taxis in Barcelona are metered and prices vary based on route. 

Q: Is the terminal of free access?

A: No, only passengers and employees can enter in the building. A security point is placed in the entrance and relatives or friends are not allowed in.

Q: Is there a bar/cafeteria?

A: Yes, but only for passengers and employees.

Q: Is there WIFI in the terminal?

A: No, but if you need internet connection, there are 4 computers available exclusively for passengers use.

Q: Is there an ATM in or near the terminal?

A: No, you have to go to the city to find ATM’s. There is an exchange office only open when the ship is coming with passengers from non EURO countries.

Q: Where is the best shopping in Barcelona?

A: The Tourism Board of Barcelona’s hostesses at the Information Counter will provide you with information of the best shopping areas in the city.

Q: Is there a parking facility near the terminal?

A: No, you have a parking facility in the WTC and a bus will then take you to the terminal. You’ll get the refund of the price of the ticket at the end of your cruise, when you pay your car stay.

Q: Can I walk into town?

A: You can, but it is not recommended. It takes 40 minutes to reach la Rambla.

Q: Where can I get my VAT refund?

A: In the latest port within the Schengen area. In case Barcelona is the last port of the Schengen area of the itinerary of the ship, a customs agent will be stamping your passport.

Are there lockers? Or a luggage valet service available?

A: There are no lockers, but there is a service offered by DW (affiliated company of UPS) that offers the possibility of sending the luggage to your final destination or to transfer it to the airport or your hotel.